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Unlock the full potential of your educational institution with iSchoolMaster – the pinnacle of school management solutions. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate your standards of excellence. Embrace the future of education management and empower your school with iSchoolMaster's innovative features.

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Key Features

Academic Management Icon

Academic Management

Let iSchool Master help you track the progress reports of students, their academic reports, co-curricular participation, and much more. We help administrators keep track of students' performance and provide information about their academic progress and various co-curricular activities.

Student Management Icon

Student Management

Get student data on a single dashboard. Track students’ progress on their assignments with our cutting-edge assignment tracker. Let us help you streamline the communication between parents and students and help the teachers provide a supportive educational environment.

Transportation Icon


We automate the process of tracking down the schedules of the students' transportation with enhanced safety features. We optimize the bus routes and timing to match the schedule and aim to foster better communication with the parents, teachers, and drivers.

Exam Management Icon

Exam Management

Enjoy seamless and personalized exam features with iSchool Master. From selecting your exam centers to uploading exam papers, everything comes with a single tap. Our software is designed to help students and teachers with better academic evaluation.

Human Resource Icon

Human Resource

Transform traditional educational settings with contemporary software that helps the human resources team empower school administration. Our software is designed to empower schools with a seamless hiring process, attendance tracking, generating accurate reports, and much more.

Finance and Accounting Icon

Finance and Accounting

Let iSchool Master help you track your real-time expenses so that you can work efficiently and streamline school management with ease. So, from account management to budgeting or cash flow, we provide a transparent view of everything you need.

Library Management Icon

Library Management

Say goodbye to the traditional ways to manage your book catalogue. iSchool Master ensures that the information about the requirements and the arrival of the new books is met on time. Get real-time tracking about the book's availability.

Hostel Management Icon

Hostel Management

Bid adieu to the manual ways to track fee management, room allocation, security management, hostel detail tracking, and much more. iSchool Master is cutting-edge software that streamlines your administrative tasks, generates fee reports, reports on hostel allocation, and much more.

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About iSchoolMaster

Expand Your Education Excellence

iSchool Master is an integrated software platform that helps educational institutions break down the complexities of school management and simplify it with comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of modern educational institutions. We seamlessly integrate all information into a single place that helps navigate the daily functioning of the school. From Student Performance Management to Finance, we have got you all covered with efficient communication tools.

Our ERP software is fully equipped to manage Admissions, Sales, Registrations, Scheduling, Academic Learning, Finances, Fee Payments, Hostels, Inventory Management, Transportation, and Library Operations.


Our Process


Understanding your Needs

Firstly, we have a detailed discussion to understand the unique needs of your school.


Planning for Integration

We create a plan to integrate our solution into your system.


Effortless Data Transition

Your existing data is seamlessly moved to iSchoolMaster for hassle-free integration.


Thorough Testing

We conduct thorough testing to ensure everything operates smoothly.


Easy Go-Live Process

We make the go-live process easy, and we're here to support you even after implementation.


User Adoption and Training

Our hands-on training programs are designed to meet the learning needs of every individual.


Community and Support

Our dedicated team members are always here to listen to your queries and to provide timely support.




Our Clients love what we build

Discover Client Stories

Avinash Director

Avinash, Director

Belmont High School

The software has shown amazing responsiveness and has helped us automate much of our school administrative tasks. With quick resolution features, we have received immense benefits from using this feature.

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School Administrator

After using this application, we can now focus on our school administrative tasks easily. All the work is seamless and automated, so our team has been able to keep track of school management easily.

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The software has helped our teachers upload their tasks online and get their submissions on time. One of our teachers is on leave, but she doesn’t have to worry about checking the assignments offline. All the assignments are now submitted online.

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School Administrator

We have decided to use this application because our administrative tasks were delayed. iSchool Master has simplified our administrative tasks, and now we can focus on our school management without any hindrance.

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I have been an active user of this application; because of this software, our team has been hiring and taking a lot of interviews in a day. Our hiring process has gone faster and easier.

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Much of my job is now easier. Thanks to the Ischool Master! I can now check the assignments online and keep track of the student’s performance as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions, Get to Know Company Better

What is iSchool Master?

We offer various tools that help you efficiently administer your school management. Our Learning Management Software (LMS) helps you work better with innovative SaaS solutions to help all teachers teach efficiently throughout.

How does iSchool Master Help You?

We are a recognized platform to help you streamline your school administrative work efficiently so that you can provide better opportunities to the students. With us, you can use advanced teaching tools for better classroom management and learning outcomes.

How is iSchool Master different from other platforms?

We are different from other traditional ERP platforms with enhanced teaching tools that help teachers manage classrooms better. As a result, the students get a better learning experience. We are all equipped to provide you with a better administrative experience as we streamline all the processes of managing administration efficiently.

Is all data secured in iSchool Master?

Yes, all the student's data, administrative data, and teacher's and staff's data are completely secured and encrypted.

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