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At iSchoolMaster, we amp up education using our smart ERP solutions. Picture it like a tailored assistant, totally getting what each school needs to keep things running smoothly. We focus on delivering 360° school management with the help of cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our powerful solutions aim to help schools reshape the learning and teaching experiences.


iSchoolMaster understands how schools operate and what they need on an everyday basis. The main requirement of every school is to carry out daily activities while maintaining its education quality and business value. This is where we can become your helping hand.

From handling admissions, sales, registrations, and scheduling to taking care of academic activities, finances, fee payments, hostels, inventory, transportation, and library operations-we've got it covered. At iSchoolMaster, we're not just ordinary, we're extraordinary!

Our Vision


Empowering your school's transformation is the core vision of iSchoolMaster, presenting a comprehensive solution in the following key areas:


Seamless Integration:

iSchoolMaster is dedicated to facilitating effortless integration with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.


Educator Enablement:

Our focus is on simplifying administrative tasks, Our primary focus is streamlining administrative tasks, freeing up educators to focus on enhancing the overall teaching experience.


Global Collaboration:

Envisioning schools as global hubs, iSchoolMaster fosters cross-border connectivity, encouraging collaboration on a global scale.


Responsive Support:

We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer support to address any issues promptly, ensuring a seamless experience for your institution.

Core Values



Innovation is always in our head and we regularly seek better ways to enhance processes.



Our strategy is to work closely with schools to understand their challenges and provide reliable solutions.


Integrity is at the heart of our operations. We are always very honest and transparent in all our interactions.



The educational landscape is dynamic, and we are committed to staying adaptable.

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