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admission management system features

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    Is your school manually handling administrative tasks?

    Is your staff consistently complaining about the workload? 

    Well, administrative tasks can be quite a hassle. Administrative management is an uphill battle because one needs to set priorities and juggle various responsibilities. The administrators have to accomplish tasks on time and meet deadlines. Therefore, all tasks manually frustrate an individual. 

    Now, this is where the admission management system comes into play. The implementation of admission management streamlines the tasks so that the schools run efficiently.

    What is Admission Management?

    Admission management refers to managing the students and streamlining the enrollment process at the school. The schools run smoothly and operate seamlessly without any hassle. 

    With the help of the admission management system, the administration resolves students' inquiries, checks their eligibility, and follows up with them. The school administrator collects their documents and digitizes their application process completely. 

    As a result of the online admission management system, students can apply online and check their application status. They submit the documents and pay the fees online. 

    Since admission is a long process, the students inquire about document collection. The manual process is arduous as the selection and paper submission are offline. 

    However, implementing the admission management system has smoothed the admissions process for the students. It helps manage and facilitate the students' admission and their academic progress.

    In the following section, we look at the features of the admission management system that help schools find the best students. 

    Understanding the features gives you a comprehensive idea of how implementing admission management software improves your school and helps select the best students.

    Features of Admission Management System

    Easy to Collect Students' Data

    Gone are the days when you had to be dependent on collecting students' data manually. With the advent of social media, online marketing, and website management, administrators can track students' data easily. Automated data collection reduces administrative loads, saves manual costs, and eliminates the chances of error. Therefore, the staff's productivity increases as they can now focus on other administrative tasks.

    When you implement an admission management system in your school, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the students. Your school must maintain the diversity of the students for fair admissions management.

    Centralized Students' Data

    When implementing an admissions management system, the students do not worry about submitting the document online. You can upload the data to the dashboard. It includes students' data, test scores, application status, academic records, and their entire journey throughout the admissions process. 

    Making students' centralized data reduces administrative tasks while updating and digitizing students' records. The paperwork is now limited, and the administrators can invest more time in other administrative tasks. Say goodbye to manual paperwork because centralized student data management is here.

    Tracking Students' Application Faster

    We understand the pain of manually tracking the data. Offline form submission is a hassle as administrators work longer and ignore other important administrative tasks. In offline forms, various sections and subsections were typically time-consuming. A bulky load of applications makes it difficult for school administrators to filter out the right candidate. 

    The implementation of an admission management system helps track the admissions of students. The system has made it easier because students can apply to their dream institutions and pay fees. They check their online status, scan their documents, and upload them. 

    Bid farewell to the manual application process and avoid the extra payment of manual charges. 

    Hassle-Free Automated Customized Admission System

    Imagine how seamless your life gets when you can customize and create your tasks seamlessly. Implementing an admission management system helps in mapping the students' application process. The management helps resolve inquiries, the enrollment process, and other admission-related tasks.

    Implementing an admission management system helps reduce regular administrative tasks. The admissions management system software helps in attendance tracking of the students who have applied for the exam. In this way, both educators and administrators learn how many students have applied and appeared for the test.

    Managing Communication Seamlessly

    Imagine your phone buzzing with admission queries, seat availability, and other admission-related tasks. Administrators are busy taking calls from parents and students and answering their queries. 

    However, with the admission management software system, automated mail, emails, and messages are generated and sent to the students. So, no student misses examination deadlines or gets their information on time. The administrative burden gets lower.

    Thus, the admissions management system has humongous benefits for schools. Implementing the software helps in collecting student data and tracking application forms easily. The automated and customized admission management system also manages communication seamlessly between the parents, the students, and the teachers.

    Wrapping Up

    Currently, over 200 million students go to school. So, the school admissions management teams have tremendous pressure on them.

    As a result, they need help following up on the status of the candidates, inquiries about missing deadlines, and other admission-related procedures. 

    Implementing an admission management system in schools helps streamline admission operations. 

    If you want to invest in customized school management software, iSchool Master is here to help you. We are a one-of-a-kind platform that manages schools to run efficiently and find the best students. Our admission management system software keeps students, parents, teachers, and administrators updated about admission procedures and upcoming developments in the school.

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