Admission Management

Student Data Collection

Gathering and handling student info manually takes a lot of time, and mistakes can creep in, causing problems and inefficiencies. iSchoolMaster makes it easy with its ERP system. Instead of dealing with heaps of paperwork, the system automates the whole student data collection thing. This takes the load off the school staff, making everything faster and more accurate. No need for manual data entry headaches - iSchoolMaster makes managing student info a breeze, keeping things organized and error-free.


Document Collection

Getting all the needed papers from students during admissions can be troublesome. Plus, dealing with loads of paperwork is a headache for both students and administrators. But guess what? iSchoolMaster has got your back! We enable students to upload all the required documents directly onto the system. No more shuffling through papers or worrying about losing stuff. It's like an online filing cabinet that keeps everything safe and sound. So, with iSchoolMaster, no more paper hassles – just a quick and simple way to get all the info needed for admissions.


Making merit lists by hand takes a lot of time and can lead to mistakes, making it tough for schools to pick the right students. Doing it manually might also introduce biases, making the selection process unfair. iSchoolMaster's clever software makes life easier by doing the merit list thing automatically. Now, schools don't have to spend forever on it, and there are fewer chances of making mistakes. The system uses clear rules, making sure it's fair for everyone. So, schools using iSchoolMaster can quickly find and pick the best students without all the manual hassles.



Long lines and extra work for administrators make the process frustrating for everyone. Mistakes and delays are common, making it a headache. iSchoolMaster Solution: iSchoolMaster's smart system changes the game. It takes over the admission process, cutting out the need for long lines and extra paperwork. No more manual stress! With iSchoolMaster, admissions become smooth and easy. It's like having a helpful assistant that does all the hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

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How does iSchoolMaster simplify the admission process for schools?

iSchoolMaster automates the whole admission process. Your school can reduce manual paperwork, long queues, and reduce the workload for administrators.

Can iSchoolMaster help in preventing errors during student data collection?

Yes, iSchoolMaster ensures accurate student data collection by automating the process, minimizing the chances of errors that can occur during manual data entry.

How does iSchoolMaster enhance the document collection process during admissions?

iSchoolMaster allows students to upload necessary documents directly into the system, creating a secure and organized digital repository, thus eliminating the hassles of traditional paperwork.

Do parents benefit from this school Management system’s personalized dashboards?

Absolutely! Personalized dashboards in iSchoolMaster provide parents with the ability to get relevant information about their child's academic progress and school activities.​

How does iSchoolMaster ensure fairness in the selection process during admissions?

iSchoolMaster's can help you create the merit lists automatically with the help of predefined rules. With this, you can make sure that there’s a transparent selection process without the biases that may take place in manual methods.

Can iSchoolMaster handle the admission process for a large number of students efficiently?

Yes, iSchoolMaster manages admissions for a large number of students. You no longer have to worry about delays. Other than that, you can minimize mistakes and provide a good experience for both staff and students.

How does iSchoolMaster improve the efficiency of admission management?

iSchoolMaster eliminates the need for students to stand in long lines and minimizes the risk of lost documents by offering a seamless, digital admission process. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with efficient document management and online submissions.

Does iSchoolMaster assist in verifying and storing student documents securely?

Yes, iSchoolMaster ensures the secure storage of student documents by allowing them to be uploaded directly into the system, eliminating the risk of physical document loss or misplacement.

How does iSchoolMaster make the admissions process more user-friendly for both staff and students?

iSchoolMaster simplifies the admissions process by cutting down on manual tasks, creating a user-friendly interface, and providing a seamless experience that benefits both administrators and students.

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