Exam Management

Manual Exam

Traditional manual exams, characterized by their time-consuming nature and susceptibility to errors, find a solution in iSchoolMaster's ERP. With iSchoolMaster's ERP, things get simpler. With our solution, you have the capability to monitor attendance and get results with increased speed and precision. Our shift to a digital approach not only simplifies your administrative burden but also enhances collaboration among stakeholders. So, now you no longer have to worry about the issues associated with conventional exam management procedures.


Online Exam

Conducting secure and efficient online exams can be daunting due to concerns about cheating and technical glitches. iSchoolMaster's ERP addresses this by introducing a robust online exam module. Ensure real-time monitoring and receive prompt results with us. With us, you can monitor in real-time, and get results quickly, and we support different question formats and adaptive testing. iSchoolMaster is a reliable solution for schools shifting to digital assessments. Choosing us will ultimately enhance the online exam experience and ensure a good exam environment.

Exam Timetables

Efficiently creating and managing exam timetables poses challenges with resource constraints and conflicting schedules. iSchoolMaster's ERP tackles this by automating the entire process. Our system simplifies scheduling, considers resource constraints, and offers real-time updates. This minimizes conflicts, ensuring a seamless implementation of exam schedules. iSchoolMaster's automation optimizes resource utilization, fostering an environment conducive to efficient examination processes.


Question Paper

Managing the lifecycle of question papers, from creation to storage and retrieval, can be cumbersome. iSchoolMaster addresses this challenge by establishing a centralized repository. This feature allows schools to efficiently create, store, and retrieve question papers, ensuring confidentiality and granting authorized users easy accessibility. By digitizing this critical aspect of exams, our ERP solution contributes to a better and more organized educational environment.

Supervisor and Examiner

Coordinating between supervisors and examiners can be challenging, impacting communication and workflow during exams. iSchoolMaster's ERP facilitates seamless communication between them. Real-time instructions, progress tracking, and efficient report submission enhance communication, promote standardized exam administration, and establish a cohesive workflow among those involved in the examination process.


Exam Result

The manual process of grading, result compilation, and report generation can be time-consuming and error-prone. iSchoolMaster's ERP transforms this process by automating it. Timely and accurate results become the norm, enhancing transparency and providing a satisfying experience for students and parents. This automated approach not only saves time but also ensures that educational institutions can deliver reliable and efficient results, contributing to a positive academic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

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How does iSchoolMaster's ERP fix manual exam problems?

iSchoolMaster solves manual exam issues by enabling the creation and distribution of exam materials online. This eliminates the need for printing and distributing hard copies.

What does iSchoolMaster's ERP do to avoid conflicts and keep online examination schedules up to date?

iSchoolMaster is a school ERP maintains up-to-date exam schedules and prevents conflicts by providing a centralized system for scheduling, ensuring efficient management and communication of exam timetables.

How does iSchoolMaster's ERP manage question papers in exams?

iSchoolMaster efficiently manages question papers by storing them digitally, making it easy to organize, distribute, and track during online exams.

How does iSchoolMaster's ERP handle online exams?

iSchoolMaster seamlessly facilitates online exams, providing a platform for creating, conducting, and grading exams in a digital format.

Can iSchoolMaster's ERP help with creating exam timetables?

Yes, iSchoolMaster assists in creating exam timetables by providing tools for efficient scheduling and management, ensuring a smooth and organized exam process.

How to grade exams quickly and easily?

iSchoolMaster's ERP offers digital tools to help teachers with efficient and quick grading. We focus on saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Where can I store all exam-related data?

All exam-related data can be securely stored in iSchoolMaster's ERP, providing a centralized and organized repository for easy access and management.

Does iSchoolMaster help identify students’ areas of weakness?

Yes, iSchoolMaster aids in identifying students' areas of weakness by capturing and analyzing performance data, enabling targeted support and improvement strategies.

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