Academic Management

Class Section

Managing class sections efficiently can be tedious, leading to scheduling conflicts and confusion. Let iSchoolMaster make your life easier by handling your class section details. Say goodbye to stress, and let us manage the organization of students, class schedules, and teacher assignments effortlessly. iSchoolMaster automates class assignments considering student preferences, teacher availability, and room availability. With us, you can reduce scheduling errors and optimize resource usage.



Tracking the syllabus coverage and updates can be overwhelming for educators. iSchoolMaster's ERP simplifies this by providing a centralized platform for syllabus management. Teachers can easily update, and share syllabus details to improve communication with students. Assessing syllabus coverage progress and making data-driven adjustments is now possible. The best part is that iSchoolMaster also provides a chance for teachers to share best practices for better results.

Lesson Planning Difficulty

Creating effective lesson plans demands time and precision. iSchoolMaster's ERP eases this burden by offering a user-friendly lesson planning module. We offer ready-to-use templates and collaboration platforms for colleagues to make teaching convenient. iSchoolMaster guarantees that lesson plans are in sync with the curriculum. Your teachers can now use data tools to assess the success of their plans, encouraging a continuous and data-driven strategy to provide ongoing support for professional development.


Customizable Dashboard Solution

Monitoring school activities requires a comprehensive overview. iSchoolMaster's ERP addresses this by offering a customizable dashboard that allows administrators to tailor the display of key metrics, alerts, and reports. We allow users to set up automated notifications and reminders to inform important updates. With user-specific customization options, stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and students, can personalize their dashboards to focus on the information most relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

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How does an academic management software like iSchool make it easy for teachers to manage the syllabus?

iSchoolMaster offers you a centralized platform where teachers can manage syllabus to easily track, update, and communicate syllabus details with students.​

Can teachers easily share syllabus details using iSchoolMaster academic management software?

Yes, iSchoolMaster makes it easy for teachers to share syllabus details with students.​

How does iSchoolMaster prevent scheduling conflicts in class sections?

iSchoolMaster prevents conflicts by automating class assignments based on student preferences, teacher availability, and room availability.

Do parents benefit from this school Management system’s personalized dashboards?

Absolutely! Personalized dashboards in iSchoolMaster provide parents with the ability to get relevant information about their child's academic progress and school activities.​

How to manage the school syllabus with the help of iSchoolMaster?

iSchoolMaster acts as syllabus management software for schools through a centralized platform. With us, easy updates, tracking, and communication between teachers and students are all possible.

What metrics can administrators customize on iSchoolMaster's dashboard?

Administrators can customize key metrics on iSchoolMaster's dashboard, such as attendance rates, academic performance, and resource utilization for effective school monitoring.​

How do you divide students into sections?

iSchoolMaster is a great ERP for schools that employs an automated system considering factors like student preferences and teachers’ availability to efficiently divide students into sections, preventing scheduling conflicts.

How does iSchoolMaster improve teacher-parent communication?

iSchoolMaster makes it easy for teachers to talk with parents. They can share what students are learning and any updates easily. This helps everyone work together for the child's education.

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