Parent Management

Parent-Teacher Communication

Quickly sharing important info with parents using the old ways isn’t possible now. It takes time, and things might get delayed, making it hard for everyone to stay on the same page. iSchoolMaster creates a central hub for parents and teachers to talk in real-time. It's like a quick chat where parents can ask questions, and teachers can respond fast. Plus, the tool helps set up meetings between parents and teachers easily. Make communication smoother and help everyone work together better for the students.


Announcements and Calendar

Disorganized communication of school events often leads to parents missing important dates. iSchoolMaster solves this by having a special calendar in its ERP system. It's like a one-stop-shop for all school announcements and events. Parents can easily check it to stay updated on things like upcoming activities, important dates, or any changes to the school plan. This calendar keeps everyone on the same page, making sure parents know what's happening and making school life more organized and easy to follow. So, no more missing out on important events!

Live Bus Tracking

Parents often worry about where their children are during the school bus ride, causing anxiety and uncertainty due to the lack of real-time information. To ease these concerns, iSchoolMaster includes a Live Bus Tracking feature in its ERP system. This cool feature uses GPS to show parents exactly where the school bus is at any given moment. It's like a virtual map that parents can check to know their child's location during the journey. This way, parents can feel more relaxed and sure about their child's safety, making the whole bus experience less stressful for everyone.


Alerts and Notifications

Sometimes, important news like emergencies or sudden school closures takes a while to reach parents. This delay can lead to confusion and worry about their child's safety. iSchoolMaster has a quick and direct solution. Through its ERP system, parents get instant alerts and notifications about emergencies, closures, or any crucial updates. This means parents are in the loop right away, making communication smoother and keeping them well-informed. Everyone can now act fast and work together to handle unexpected situations.

Access to Children’s Attendance and Progress

It's hard for parents to quickly know how their child is doing in school and if they're attending regularly. Waiting for this info can be a bit frustrating, and parents might feel a bit out of the loop. But no worries! With iSchoolMaster, parents can check their child's attendance and how well they're doing in school at any time, day or night. The system sends quick updates, so parents always know what's happening.


Frequently Asked Questions ?

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How does iSchoolMaster help parents and teachers talk in real-time?

iSchoolMaster lets parents and teachers chat instantly using a special messaging system.

Can you tell me how iSchoolMaster makes it easy to set up meetings between parents and teachers?

iSchoolMaster has a calendar where parents can pick a time that works for them to meet with teachers.

How can parents quickly check their child's attendance and school performance with iSchoolMaster?

Parents can use iSchoolMaster to see if their child is attending classes regularly and how they're doing in school.

Can parents access their child's school info anytime, and how does iSchoolMaster send updates?

Yes, parents can check their child's school stuff anytime using iSchoolMaster. The app sends them messages and updates.

What's Live Bus Tracking in iSchoolMaster, and how does it make parents feel safer about their child's bus ride?

Live Bus Tracking lets parents see where their child's school bus is on a map in real-time. It helps parents know their child is safe on the way home.

How does iSchoolMaster use GPS to show where the school bus is during the journey?

iSchoolMaster uses GPS, like in a phone, to show exactly where the school bus is while it's driving.

How does iSchoolMaster make sure that parents are quickly informed during unexpected situations?

iSchoolMaster sends parents fast messages during emergencies or unexpected things that happen at school.

How does iSchoolMaster ensure that parents get instant alerts about emergencies?

iSchoolMaster has a special way of sending urgent messages to parents right away, so they know what's happening and can act fast.

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