Library Management

Ever find it tricky keeping all those different books in order at your school? It's a common challenge – having so many books, all different types, and trying to organize them can be a bit of a headache. That's where iSchoolMaster comes to the rescue! Your school can use our special computer system to make sorting and organizing books a breeze. This means you can easily find the book you want without any fuss.

Catalog Management

Managing your school library catalog can be a real headache – it's time-consuming, and mistakes in the catalog can leave both students and staff scratching their heads when searching for books. Here’s where iSchoolMaster's ERP steps in to help you out. It takes care of catalog management automatically, keeping everything up-to-date in real-time with precision. Whether you're adding, removing, or making changes in the catalog, iSchoolMaster simplifies the process, minimizing errors, and saving you a bunch of time.


Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of books in schools can be tricky, and sometimes, books go missing. But with iSchoolMaster's ERP, you've got a handy tool to make it way easier. Now, you can see where each book is in real-time! Plus, if books are running low, iSchoolMaster sends you a quick heads-up. This way, you always have enough books, and there's way less chance of losing them. It's like having a super helpful assistant that keeps everything in the library running smoothly, making it simple for you, teachers, and students to find the books you need without any hiccups.

Search and Directory Tools

Sometimes it's hard to find books in a library because the search tools are not great. This can be frustrating for students and staff who just want to find a specific book quickly. iSchoolMaster makes things easier with its ERP. It has really good search and directory tools. So, if you're looking for a book, author, or a specific topic, you can find it fast. The system is smart and easy to use, making the whole library experience much better. With iSchoolMaster, finding books becomes quick and simple, making everyone happy and saving time.


Issue and Return Management

When you handle book borrowing manually, things can get a bit messy – mistakes, delays, and keeping track of who borrowed what can be a real headache. That's where iSchoolMaster's ERP steps in to make your life easier. It takes all the fuss out of borrowing and returning books by doing it all automatically. Thanks to iSchoolMaster, your library becomes a stress-free zone where everyone can quickly get the books they need, and you can relax knowing everything's in order.

Fine Management

Managing overdue fines for books manually can be tough, and telling students about fines can get tricky, leading to confusion and delays in getting fines sorted out. iSchoolMaster's ERP makes dealing with fines a breeze. It automatically figures out the overdue fines accurately and shoots out automatic messages to students, giving them all the details about the fines and when they need to pay up. With iSchoolMaster, students know what's up with their fines, encouraging them to take responsibility for returning books on time.


Frequently Asked Questions ?

Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions, Get to Know Company Better

How does iSchoolMaster organize school library books?

iSchoolMaster sorts books in the library by putting them into different groups like fiction, non-fiction, by author, or by subject. This helps people find books more easily.

What benefits does iSchoolMaster offer for easy book finding?

iSchoolMaster helps people find books easily by letting them search using keywords or filters. It also shows if a book is available or not, so you know if you can borrow it right away.

How does iSchoolMaster simplify catalog management and minimize errors?

iSchoolMaster makes it easy to keep track of books by using tools that help create and update book lists accurately. It checks for mistakes and keeps everything organized to avoid mix-ups.

Can iSchoolMaster update catalogs in real-time?

Yes, iSchoolMaster updates book lists right away. So, if a book is borrowed or returned, it shows up immediately in the system.

How does iSchoolMaster track books in a school library?

iSchoolMaster uses technology like special tags or barcodes to keep track of books. This helps know where books are, who borrowed them, and when they were returned.

What features prevent book loss and notify low stock in iSchoolMaster?

iSchoolMaster has tools to prevent books from getting lost, like alarms and systems that track books leaving the library. It also tells when books are running low so they can be reordered.

Are iSchoolMaster's search features user-friendly for students and staff?

Yes, iSchoolMaster's search tools are easy to use for everyone. You can type in what you're looking for or use filters to narrow down your search.

How does iSchoolMaster manage overdue fines for borrowed books?

iSchoolMaster automatically keeps track of borrowed books and sends reminders if they're not returned on time. It calculates fines based on how late the books are and helps manage payments for them.

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