Student Management

Assignment Management

Teachers often face difficulties in analyzing individual student progress on assignments, leading to potential oversight and delays. The Assignment module of iSchoolMaster offers a comprehensive view of each student's assignment status. We allow them to check submissions, grade assignments, and give their feedback conveniently from one centralized platform. It leads to a better and more personalized way for students to learn and grow.


Events Coordination

Coordinating events involve multiple stakeholders, and miscommunication can result in low attendance and disorganized gatherings. It ultimately hinders the reputation of your school. iSchoolMaster's Events module serves as a hub for event coordination. Your teachers, students, and parents will be able to communicate properly without any hassles. Also, we do our best to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to event details, schedules, and more.

Task Tracking

Schools often grapple with decentralized task management, leading to inefficiencies, missed deadlines, and increased workload on staff. But with our help, you get a great way to deal with tasks in a better way. Our platform is just right for making, giving out, and keeping tabs on tasks. Plus, we give you updates in real time to help you stay on track. iSchoolMaster is known for enhancing teamwork and you no longer have to deal with missed deadlines.


Exam Timetable

Creating exam timetables manually can result in clashes, confusion, and stress among students and faculty. iSchoolMaster's Exam Timetable module automates the scheduling process, taking into account various constraints. Accessing timetables becomes really easy for students and staff. With real-time updates and notifications, you can make the examination process smooth. Let us help you update everyone with all the changes at the right time.

Results Management

Traditional result management practices involve tedious data entry and may result in errors, delays, and difficulties in providing timely feedback. iSchoolMaster automates result processing and reduces the chances of errors for the timely publication of results. With us, you get a secure platform where both students and parents can access grades. They can also get detailed feedback and performance analysis to work on improvements in the future.


Homework Distribution

Assigning and evaluating homework in an old way can be a time-consuming and daunting task for teachers, potentially resulting in inconsistent monitoring of student progress. iSchoolMaster facilitates homework distribution, submission, and grading. Teachers can now easily assign tasks, check student's progress, and provide feedback with our platform. With us, you can enhance the learning experience for students but also streamline the workload for educators.

Notification System

One of the main challenges that schools face is ensuring that essential information reaches the right recipients in a timely manner, leading to potential miscommunication. iSchoolMaster's Notification module enables targeted and timely communication, whether it's urgent announcements, event reminders, or personalized messages. This enhances communication efficiency within the school community.


Leave Management

Traditional leave management systems, often paper-based, can lead to delays, confusion, and potential disruptions in school operations. iSchoolMaster's Leave module does a great job of automating the entire leave management process. Staff and students can submit leave requests, and administrators can efficiently approve or deny them through a centralized platform. So, keep all your worries aside and trust iSchoolMaster for your leave management.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions, Get to Know Company Better

How does the student management system help in students’ progress on assignments?​

With our centralized platform, teachers have an option to check student progress on assignments It helps them to improve their performance

How can teachers benefit from iSchoolMaster in terms of task tracking and management?

​As mentioned, teachers can track and manage tasks through exclusive features. These features help monitor assignments, analyze progress, and improve task management.

Can teachers provide feedback on assignments using iSchoolMaster?

Yes, teachers can easily provide feedback on assignments through iSchoolMaster.

How does iSchoolMaster's ERP handle online exams?

iSchoolMaster seamlessly facilitates online exams, providing a platform for creating, conducting, and grading exams in a digital format.

How does iSchoolMaster prevent miscommunication during event coordination?​​

iSchoolMaster uses its centralized platform to enable clear communication among administrators, teachers, and students. So, if there is any event-related information, miscommunication will not be a hurdle.

How does iSchoolMaster automate the exam timetable creation process?

iSchoolMaster automates the exam timetable creation process. It can streamline scheduling, allocate, and manage exam timetables. You don't have to invest extra human efforts.

How to assign, submit, and grade homework?

iSchoolMaster simplifies the homework process by allowing teachers to easily assign, students to submit, and teachers to grade homework digitally, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Can users customize notifications based on their preferences in iSchoolMaster?

Yes, users can customize notifications in iSchoolMaster based on their preferences, allowing individuals to receive relevant updates and information tailored to their needs.

Can administrators track and analyze leave patterns using iSchoolMaster?

Administrators can track and analyze leave patterns using iSchoolMaster, gaining insights into attendance trends and ensuring effective leave management within the institution.

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